ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


EZRAIDER EZRaider - a unique, new, standing-position electric all-terrain vehicle. The EZRaider creates a newcategory in the eld of electricmobility vehicles. The EZRaider offers solutions to a variety of target audiences such as: extreme and ATV, agriculture, tourism, personal mobility, Armies, etc. MICROMOBILITY EV | ROUND C | FLEXIFULE FLEXIFULE develops a flexible-fuel engine to be utilized with renewable fuels. Our engine adjusts automatically to any kindof fuel mixture, without human interference. By using both renewable and conventional fuels, FLEXIFULE offers great operational flexibility and cost-reduction while decreasing pollution and oil dependency. ENGINES | PRE-SEED FLOWER TURBINES Flower Turbines produces small vertical axis turbines distinguished by greater efficiency, lower starting speed, low noise, and beauty. We also have a related product line of on and off grid chargers for electric bikes. CHARGING | ROUND B | FORPHASE ForPhase allows the inception of the next phase of energy by enabling EV charging everywhere. This is done by solving themost crucial bottlenecks that utility providers and energy companies strugglewith - the grid constraints. Our AI based algorithm optimizes the integration of EV chargers & renewable energy sources. BATTERIES & STORAGE | PRE-SEED


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