ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


TEVVA ELECTRIC TRUCKS Tevva develops andmanufactures long-range electric trucks, focusing on themid- size (7-19t). We have trucks deployed around Europe including in the UPS fleet. We develop our own battery, motor (no rare earth materials), safety and control systems as well as an H2 fuel-cell range-extender (an option for all trucks). EV | ROUND C | THERMOSIV Thermoslv provides an innovative, cutting edge electro-chemical technology based, carbon-coated electrically conductive thread which can be weaved into customizable, energy- efficient heat conducting SmartYarn®woven fabrics. ENERGY MANAGEMENT | ROUND C | VHOLA VHOLA provides a smart IOT system, helping OEMs and Fleets to automatically detect and reduce high electromagnetic radiation in the passengers’ cabin. The solution protects passengers from diseases and greatly reduces costs. ENERGY MANAGEMENT | PRE-SEED VISIC TECHNOLOGIES VisIC Technologieswas founded in 2010 to develop andmarket high power transistor products based on a new generation semiconductor material called GaN. Experts in GaN device technology, packaging, and power applications work in VisIC to provide designers the features needed for the system, along with significant cost. ENERGY MANAGEMENT | ROUND D |


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