ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


FLYTREX AVIATION Flytrex is ushering in a new era of on-demand drone delivery. Flytrex provides a direct-to-consumer autonomous drone delivery service that lets retailers integrate faster, safer and cheaper deliveries than ever before.


GADFIN Aero-LogisticsSystems GADFIN Gadfin designs and develops long-range Urgent-delivery systems of the future, which is a total game changer for the logistics and infrastructure markets. Our system brings together traditional flight knowledge, unmanned and autonomy technology, thus redefining autonomous capabilities. AERIAL VEHICLE | ROUND A | FLYWORKS FlyWorks is developing high-performance combustion powered hybrid drones. Our unique patented drivemechanismallows smart and efficient use of petrol fuel in a multirotor, creating a safer, smarter, more capable drone platform and unlocking new horizons for commercial drone applications. AERIAL VEHICLE | SEED | FUKUN AERO TECHNOLOGY (China) Fukun’s original patented technology of retractable rotor high-performance vertical take-offand landingfixed-wingUAVhas nowbeen industrialized. The newtechnology provides excellent performance in the defense, oil, and electricity sectors with additional industries being targeted for practical application. AERIAL VEHICLE | PRE-SEED F L Y W O R K S


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