ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


HIGH LANDER High Lander puts drone fleetmanagement on autopilot. Our software-only solution can instantly convert any commercially available drone into a pilotless drone. The software completely eliminates the human element fromthe equation bymanaging airspace and creating 24/7 air continuity, resulting in an autonomous and intelligent fleet of super drones. SYSTEM & SOFTWARE | SEED | MODAL AI Novel no-code, actionmodel oriented symbolic AI technology to describe, enact, oversee and explain human and machine actions and outcomes to ensure quality and reduce human and machine error and costs. SYSTEM & SOFTWARE | PRE-SEED | NFT NFT Inc. is a U.S.-Israeli growth startup focused on future mobility and developer of ASKA™, the first viable eVTOL in theworldwith drive and fly capabilities (VTOL/ STOL). ASKA™offers door-to-door transport for daily commuters, designedwith a reasonable cost factor. NFT is based in Mountain View, CA with R&D in Israel. AERIAL VEHICLE | SEED | OPTIVECTOR OptiVector develops rotors answering the critical challenges of efficiency and noise faced by the drone (UAV) and urban air mobility (UAM) markets. Based on a multi-patented technology, OptiVector provides significantly longer flight time, flight range and payload capacity per horsepower, while remaining much quieter than competing solutions AERIAL VEHICLE | SEED |


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