ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


OTAIOT Otaiot Autonomous drone platform includes drones, base station units and a central air management system that manage all drones in the air. Otaiot drones are used for Autonomous air delivery and a myriad of other applications. AERIAL VEHICLE | PRE-SEED | PERCEPTO Percepto is a leading provider of autonomous drone solutions for monitoring and securing industrial sites. Our AI-based software provides real-time insights, aiding our customers to minimize risks, drive efficiency and reduce operational costs. Percepto has multiple Fortune 500 customers in more than 10 countries. SYSTEM & SOFTWARE | ROUND A | PZARTECH Using image processing and deep learning technologies, Pzartech develops solutions supporting MRO and production operators of mechanical systems with regular smartphone and tablets. SERVICES & APPLICATIONS | SEED | SIGHTEC Sightec developsmachine vision for autonomous flights. The company’s technology combines proprietary algorithms with deep learning, integrating powerful vision systems into a cost-effective, lightweight package that does not rely on outside resources and includes GPS-free navigation and autonomous inspection. SYSTEM & SOFTWARE | SEED |


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