ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


DOCKTECH DockTech increases cargo efficiency and vessel safety in ports and rivers by creating a digital twin of the waterway frommultiple static and dynamic data sources. PORT OPTIMIZATION | PRE-SEED | FREIGHTOOLS Freightools is all about helping Freight Forwarding teams be more efficient and effective by using digital tools. It is the next-gen SaaS solution for digital shipments! Freightools provides awhite-labeled branded set of tools that can turn any SME into a digital forwarder without upfront investments or an in-house programming team. SHIPPING | PRE-SEED | LOGINNO Loginno is an industrial IoT pioneer, providing innovative solutions for the logistics industry. Ourmission is to enable shipping companies to become digital with a 100% smart container fleet. Using standard installation, our patented device permanently converts a regular shipping container into a data mining powerhouse. SHIPPING | ROUND A | ORCA AI Orca AI advances themaritime industry by providing intelligent navigation solutions, preventing collisions, and saving lives. Orca AI ensures safety in waterways and deep waters by staying committed to the vision of reducing human-caused errors

through intelligent automated vessels. MARITIME SAFETY & SECURITY | ROUND A |

PICK A PIER Pick a Pier utilizes technology to design digital and innovative solutions for marinas

and boaters around the globe. PORT OPTIMIZATION | ROUND A |


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