ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


Netivei Israel, The National Transport Infrastructure Company of Israel, is a government-owned company. We are the owners of themost interurban roads and highways in Israel.We design and construct all of the new interurban roads and highways in Israel and, since 2012, have been in charge of all new rail lines in the country. Furthermore, we are developing the design and construction of Israel’s new international airport. This airport is supplementary to Ben-Gurion International Airport (TLV), which is the primary aerial gate into Israel. Our inventory includesmore than 8,600 kilometers of roads, 2,200 cross-sections, 105 interchanges, 1,300 bridges and tunnels, 95,500 traffic signs, 18,500 acres of landscaped grounds, and 85,000 lighting points, soon to be replaced with new state of the art smart LED lighting chains. Since 2007, we have worked within the time frame of 5-year plans. We are now in the third year of such a 5-year program. Our budget for this period is 14.2 billionUSD. The major topics of our work plan include: • Development of interurban road network according to state master plans • Construction of new railroads (rail lines) • Maintenance of the road network • Supporting the enhancement of a public transport system • Improvement of safety on the roads • Development of an inter-modality transport plan: pedestrian, cycling, cars, and public transportation • Advanced solutions for a cooperative intelligent traffic system

• Airport planning, design, and construction • And of course, R&D regarding all of the above

We work according to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.We also provide a higher standard service level for Israeli drivers and provide technical support for free.


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