ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


Dr. Anat Bonshtien Chairman and Director

The Smart Mobility Initiative, Israel Prime Minister’s Office

Much has been said about 2020 - a year that posed challenges in many ways and in many areas. In the field of smart mobility, forecasts were gloomy in the global arena. Yet the amount of international investments and acquisitions in Israeli smart mobility startups has continued to grow and has now reached $ 24 billion! The current periodhas only further emphasized the capabilities of the Israelimarket and the Israeli mobility startup companies have once again proven that they have a lot to offer the world. I feel very proud of this community that we, at The Smart Mobility Initiative, founded nine years ago, and take great pleasure in our ongoing partnership and community activities. During the last yearwe continued tosupport the community throughour different grants andpilot programs. In addition, we launched two consortiums of leading companies and researchers focusing onmaking autonomous vehicles a reality. We supported the establishment of an integrated data living platformaswell as the initiated the Israel Smart Transportation Academic center. In the coming year,wewill continue to support theecosystemand togetherwith you all we will continue to lead Israel as the global hub in the field! Facebook | Linkedin


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