ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


Having been one of the first lawfirms in Israel to recognize the trends in auto-tech and smart transportation, Tadmor Levy & Co. has become a go-to firm for key players in these industries, internationally and locally, as well as a prime resource regarding legal and commercial aspects of Israel’s mobility ecosystem. As a leader in this field, Tadmor Levy & Co. is proud to be EcoMotion’s Israeli legal partner for the Main Event (6th year running), as well as throughout the year. Our objective at Tadmor Levy & Co. is to assist clients by offering comprehensive tailor-made legal solutions, attending to their overall needs, on par with the highest global standards. Our clients include players in a wide range of sectors, such as energy, chemicals, food, insurance, hi-tech, media, transportation, engineering and construction, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, and financial services. Founded in 2009, Watergen provides a game-changing water-from-air solution, based on proprietary, patented GENius technology. Using humidity in the air to extract clean, fresh drinking water for people everywhere, the company has devoted its innovation to the task of helping the world’s water crisis. Watergen’s water atmospheric generators (AWG) range is compatiblewith various applications. Home-office scale GENNY can produce up to 30 liters of drinking water per day; themedium-scale GEN-Mproduces up to 800 liters of drinkingwater per day, and industrial, large-scale generators canmake asmuch as 5,000 liters of water per day. Watergen completed in 2018 the first-ever integrated AWG drinking machine for vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, and more. Watergen has entered strategic partnershipswith several automakers to deploy the technology in their automobiles for various applications like technical water for injection and sensors, and drinking water elevating driver experience.


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