ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


CEPTION Ception Core is an innovative, multi-layered system for precise localization and mapping. By harnessing advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms, Ception Core is providing a springboard for new capabilities in industrial and automotive applications. LOCALIZATION | SEED | CIPHERSIP AG CipherSiP provides the automotive industry a set of multipurpose protocols which allowsOEM’s & Tier1’s to use high-bandwidth inter-connectivitywith large payload over low cost infrastructure on any network topology. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND A | COGNATA Cognata is a leading global supplier of large-scale automotive simulation for the ADAS and AV markets. Our end-to-end platform accelerates time to market by delivering simulation solutions for the entire automated driving product lifecycle,

from training to testing to deployment. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ROUND B |

CONTINUAL Continual’s global connected mobility platform connects OEMs and T1s with mobile operators. The insights that Continual provides are based on datasets from a variety of sources. Cars/drivers use it tomake informed driving decisions based on connectivity conditions on roads, that improve experience, safety and enable AD. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND B |


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