ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


COREPHOTONICS Corephotonics is a pioneer in computational imaging. The company’s zoom dual cameras are a breakthrough andwidely adopted in smartphones. The company now explores automotive solutions of multi aperture cameras, focusing on improved ADAS cameras and imaging software. ADAS | ESTABLISHED | CRISPIFY Crispify is an innovative air qualitymonitoring andmanagement system that works to revolutionize the in-cabin user experience. Crispify system is designed to offer carmanufacturers, fleet operators, ride-sharing services and autonomousmobility services the healthiest ride possible and an exceptional user experience. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | SEED | CU-BX Providing first-in-class health and safety monitoring, CU-BX’s patented nano- motion detection provides the most accurate solution to measure key vital signs & well-being indicators such as: Stress, Fatigue, Thermal Comfort, and Health Monitoring with Real-Time Alerts & Notifications. PASSENGER SAFETY | ROUND B | CYBELLUM TECHNOLOGIES Cybellum enables OEMs and Tier-1s to produce and maintain secure automotive products by providing the visibility, insight and automation needed to pinpoint and mitigate themost pressing cyber risks at scale and throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. CYBERSECURITY | ROUND A |


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