ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


CYBER 2.0 Cyber 2.0 (founded in 2015) has developed a disruptive cyber-security technology. It is the only system in the world that provides total defense against the spread of cyber-attacks within organizational networks (viruses, ransomware, Trojan, information leakage, browser hijacking, and every new attack). CYBERSECURITY | ROUND B |

DATALOOP AI Dataloopprovides adatamanagement platformfor visiondataenabling customers to manage and generate quality datasets when building and scaling their AI systems.


DEEYOOK LOCATION TECHNOLOGIES Deeyook seeks to redefine location technology through its patented, wireless-based firmware solution. The firmware can be installed in any WIFI/4G/5G radio access technology. Deeyook can help users track any asset, person or vehicle, indoors and outdoors, in all weather conditions. LOCALIZATION | SEED | D-ID D-ID’s AI technology protects photos from being identified by face recognition technologies while keeping them similar to the human eye. D-ID’s video product anonymizes faces while preserving key attributes thus enabling video analytics operations while complying with privacy regulations. ADAS | ROUND A |


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