ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


ELLR Ellr connectsmotorcycles to the Internet to enhance safety, security and productivity.


ENERVIBE Enervibe develops Kinetic Energy harvesters (KEH) devices and powermanagement circuits that enable the conversion of ambientmechanical energy into low-power DC for several industries. Enervibe uses its edge to develop a complete Tiremonitoring system based on its proprietary self-powered in-tire sensor module. CONNECTIVITY | SEED | ENICAR CONNECTED The Connected kit is a revolutionary device that provides a complete set of infotainment and control tools for a comfortable and secure operation of the vehicle. The device includes subsystems for FM and web Radio, Active Alarm, Navigation, Internet, Remote start and controls of all devices in the car, bird’s eye view Cameras, and much more. CONNECTIVITY | ESTABLISHED | ENIGMATOS Enigmatos focuses on protecting vehicles and fleets frommalicious cyber activity as well as offering valuable insights on the vehicle’s operational efficiency and safety. Its solution offers 100% visibility into the vehicle’s network, accurately detects the origin of each attack and protects existing and future vehicles. CYBERSECURITY | ROUND A |


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