ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


FORESIGHT AUTOMOTIVE Foresight develops vision systems for the automotive industry based on 3D video analysis, advanced algorithms for image processing and sensor fusion. Foresight’s unique stereoscopic technology offers unparalleled obstacle detection capabilities under harsh weather and lighting conditions for ADAS and autonomous vehicles. ADAS | ROUND B | FORETELLIX Foretellix provides intelligent automation tools andproven verificationmethodologies that allow the safe deployment of ADAS and AV while reducing the cost of failure and testing, as well as time to deployment. ADAS | ROUND A | GALOOLI Galooli is a leading innovator of remote mobile asset management with a distinct focus on maximizing fleet and workforce performance. Galooli’s end-to-end solutions offer themost advanced telematics technology coupledwith anAI-based platform that translates multivariate data points into actual financial savings. CONNECTIVITY | ESTABLISHED | GUARDKNOX GuardKnox is the automotive industry’s first Cybertech Tier supplier creating a new category on the automotive supply chain designed to complement OEMs and traditional tier suppliers,whileofferinga suiteof innovativeproducts andsolutions that will usher in thenext generationof software-defined and service-oriented vehicles. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND A |


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