ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


IVOBILITY IVO - Intelligent Vehicle Operator - is a universal robotic driver platform that is mounted to the driver’s seat, harnessed to the steering wheel, pedals and gear (automatic) and transforms any vehicle into an autonomous vehiclewithinminutes. IVO is perfect for driving in low-speed, closed environments. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | PRE-SEED | JUNGO CONNECTIVITY Jungo is an AI company part of the autonomous revolution. Jungo’s CoDriver is an innovative camera-based driver monitoring solution for the ADASmarket enabling modern vehicle/driver interfaces by understanding the drivers, their intentions and activities, and providing smarter vehicle interactions. ADAS | ESTABLISHED | KARAMBA SECURITY Karamba provides product security throughout the entire ECU lifecycle with host IDPS, CANbus encryption, Control Flow Integrity (CFI), automaticwhitelisting, and Vehicle EDR. In addition, Karamba’s cyber experts can perform TARA, pentest and software validation (VCode) per UNECE and ISO21434. CYBERSECURITY | ROUND B | KARDOME Kardome is the technology that enables a voice user interface to work in real life, where there are multiple sounds. Our software makes voice technology work for people. We have developed a location-based speech separation, enabling us to treat each person as if they were the only person talking. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | SEED |


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