ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


MANTARRAY MANTARRAY Mantarray was founded by top leaders and innovators in antenna design. Using a radically different approach,Mantarray has developed a groundbreaking technology that yields tremendous performance advantages at any aspect over the current mmWave antennas on the market. Mantarray focuses on high-end mmWave Antennas for 5G App and automotive radars. ADAS | ESTABLISHED | MAPPO Mappo is a location based cultural content provider. We add another layer to the map, which creates a unique experience to the passenger. With our AI machine, we learn passenger preferences and make culture content accessible to the exact location. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | ROUND A | MARADIN Maradin brings the advantages of Lasers to many automotive applications by its proprietary advanced MEMS-based scanning solutions. Maradin’s innovative solutions serve as the core for Heads Up Displays, Exterior and Interior Lighting systems, Laser headlamps and LiDAR designs.


MASTERKEY DIGITAL ACDC_net is a software solution giving OEMs and fleets extensive data analysis, optimized passenger experience, and last-line cybersecurity for dashboards and infotainment. ACDC_net enhances the OEM-to-Driver relationship and prevents cyber-attacks fromharming the in-vehicle driving experience and risking the driver. CYBERSECURITY | SEED | ByMasterKey net


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