ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


NEXAR Nexar®makes dash cameras smart by pairing themwith theNexar app to connect drivers to the world’s first cellular-based, real-time, vehicle-to-vehicle network. That network collects real-time roadway data to help Nexar drivers get where they’re going safely and efficiently. CONNECTIVITY | ROUND C | NOVALERT IVS NOVAlert IVS is an initiative by Dan Atlas for road safety. It is a smart seat concept to monitor driver’s alert driving and help sustain a fatigued driver and alert of performance decrement tominimize crashes. Over $1Mwas invested by Dan Atlas, Office of Chief Scientist, MOD, Eureka, European 5th Framework. PASSENGER SAFETY | PRE-SEED | OPSYS TECH Opsys unique Pure Solid state scanning LIDAR uses fully addressable VCSEL arrays and SPAD receivers to enable ultra-high resolution, with long range and fast scanning across the full FOV. The fast scanning enables pulse averaging while delivering 30 frames per second. This average improves SNR --> improved Distance. ADAS | ROUND B | OPTIMA DESIGN AUTOMATION Optima allows chipmakers tomeet theAutomotive Functional-Safety and IC-Security requirements of their chips. EspeciallyASIL-Dof ISO-26262onany size chips.Optima is introducing a game-changing, heavy patented technology that is over 1,000x faster than competing solutions that allow the creation of a cheaper, safer chip. CYBERSECURITY | ROUND A | OPTIMA


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