ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


REGO-AUTOMOTIVE REGO-AUTOMOTIVE is specialized in the advanced suspensions industry. The company developed a patenteddifferential that provides significantly improvedwheel travel. Based on proprietary innovative technology, the company has developed a 6-ton hybrid vehicle and a kit for converting a solid axle Jeep to an independent suspensions one. GENERAL | ESTABLISHED | REGULUS CYBER Providing resilient navigation technology by offering the 1st GPS cyber-security software - Pyramid GNSS. It upgrades existing GPS receivers with connected & system-agnostic solution to detect and protect against spoofing attacks. Pyramid GNSS revolutionizes the security & safety of satellite based location and timing systems. CYBERSECURITY | ROUND A | RFISEE RFISee is developing theworld’s first Phased-Array 4D imaging-radar-on-a-chip, providing the next generation sensing for ADAS andAutonomous Vehicles. The long- range high-resolution radar sensor generates real-time 3D location and velocity map of cars’ surrounding objects, in all weather and light conditions. ADAS | ROUND A | RIDE VISION Ride Vision is an Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) designed to help motorcyclists stop accidents before they happen while keeping their focus on the road with unobtrusive critical alerts in real-time. ADAS | SEED |


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