ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


SAFERIDE TECHNOLOGIES SafeRide Technologies is a leading provider of AI-based vehicle healthmanagement, data analytics, and cybersecurity solutions that provide timely vehicle insights to automakers and fleet owners and help them reduce warranty costs, minimize vehicle downtime, optimize vehicle performance, and prevent reputation loss. CYBERSECURITY | ROUND A | SERVISION SerVision has been pioneering, developing, and manufacturing cutting edge technology for road safety, transport security, and remotemonitoring applications since its establishment in 2000. SerVision develops and manufactures mobile video-based solutions for road safety and transport security markets. ADAS | ROUND A | SIASEARCH (Germany) SiaSearch is an unstructured data management platform for streamlining AV and ADAS development. By automatically extracting metadata and providing a simple interface to use it for data handling (exploration, querying, curation, evaluation) we reduce engineering time spent onmanual data tasks by an order of magnitude. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | SEED | SILENTIUM Silentium’s patentedActive Acoustic Technologies and algorithms control personal sound spaces in everything fromcars to commercial goods. The company’smission is to reduce the adverse effects of sounds on health, safety and privacy. The company’s products are designed into the vehicle’s architecture by Q4 ’2020. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | ROUND D |


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