ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


VIZIBLEZONE Viziblezone turns mobile phones into life-saving devices. We provide various life- guarding applications, drivenbyAI-based context-sensitive data collected/processed bymobile phones. Our primary solution is a Collision Avoidance System, intended to protect VRUs against accidents, even when they located behind obstacles ADAS | ROUND A | WALDYTECH WALDYTECH’s solutions for the autonomous / aviation / dronemarkets comprise of high accuracy Navigation products. Operating in the air or on land, customers benefit by using our products as a ground truth system to test your localization offer in one case or use our GNSS systems as part of your own product as an OEM solution. LOCALIZATION | ESTABLISHED | XAPIX (Germany) State-of-the-art data integration, orchestration and harmonization solutions for SMBs and large companies. Xapix is one of the leading platforms that enables companies to connect systems, sensors, departments and partners to create new

digital business models. CONNECTIVITY | PRE-SEED |

ZOOX (United States) Zoox is transforming mobility-as-a-service by developing a fully autonomous, purpose-built fleet that is designed for AI to drive and humans to enjoy. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ESTABLISHED |


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