ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


A.D KNIGHT A.DKnight develops novel technology for passive radio-locating of connecteddevices to at a sub-meter location accuracy. The technology allows the classification of the devices’ users and prediction while preserving the user’s privacy. The technology can be used in various verticals; including traffic safety and control. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | ACTON (United States) ACTON offers Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution packages from multimodal vehicles to advanced IOT to move people and goods efficiently & intelligently. ACTONpartnerswith automakers, cities, ride share operators, and private property owners. They have been granted over 100 patents, have launched in more than 50 cities, and have completed 10 million rides and counting. MICROMOBILITY | ROUND A | ANACHOIC Anachoic is a startup company developing an augmented audio system using proprietary sensors, AI and spatial audio. Anachoic intends to corner the Advanced Rider Assistance System(ARAS)market and other vulnerable road user applications (Bicyclists, Runners, Pedestrians, etc.). ROAD SAFETY | SEED | ANAGOG Anagog is reinventing real-world personalization.We revolutionize theway brands understand and engage their customers through Edge-AI smartphone technology, while preserving their full privacy. Anagog’s technology has more than 25 million downloads globally and is integrated into more than 100 mobile apps. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND C |


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