ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


CERVELLO Cervelloenables railway companies toprovide a safer andmore reliable transportation service by protecting their operations fromcyber threats. Cervello’s purpose-built zero-trust platform allows better control, management, and monitoring of all railway critical assets, ensuring passenger safety and business continuity. TRAINS | SEED | CHASERS Chasers is an app that allows users to find & compare last-mile rideshare around you. The app will scan 100+ international operators in your area and display all the available vehicles around you. With Chasers, you can also make a price and time comparison to find the cheapest or fastest way to your destination. MICROMOBILITY | PRE-SEED | CITY CAR City Car is the largest and fastest growing car sharing company in Israel, with the most affordable prices. Founded 7 years ago, the company has grown steadily to over 30,000 users today in 30 cities. The company specializes in shared car service and technological solutions for independent car rental. SHAREDMOBILITY | ESTABLISHED | CLEARQUOTE ClearQuote app can assess damages on vehicles using smartphone images, videos and then generate repair estimates. ClearQuote is used by rental and shared fleets, vehicle inspection agencies, repair shops, and insurers. MAINTENANCE | PRE-SEED |


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