ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


CLICK-INS Click-Ins™ helps auto insurance companies automate vehicle inspection for new data-driven business models and an easier, consumer-powered, digital claims experience to reduce touch points, risks and losses.


CLOUD-WISE Cloud Wise has developed the I Sticker – a small solar-powered device which sticks to the front windshield of your vehicle and transmits all the data you need to manage your fleet. FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND A | CO-MOVING CARPOOL Aunique platformwhich enables ride-sharing, proximity-based passenger counting, tracking and analyzing of driving routes, and provides smart (live) data analysis in a centralized dashboard (including for car fleetmanagement purposes and incentives for employees). SHAREDMOBILITY | PRE-SEED | CORRACTIONS CorrActions is a non-invasive software platform that detects and decodes ongoing human brain signals using sensors already embedded in the car. The solution improves safety and functionality bymonitoring a driver’s operational state and any impacts caused by drowsiness, alcohol, or other distractions; greatly decreasing the likelihood of an accident. ROAD SAFETY | SEED |


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