ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


E-WAY E-Way specializes in the development, distribution, and sale of electric vehicles. E-Way works with an array of independent automotive manufacturers to bring unique road-legal mobility solutions to market. MICROMOBILITY | SEED | EXPERA HUB Many Auto Repair shops includework areas that are usually left empty or improperly utilized, causingmanywork stations to remain inactive but still maintained regardless of usage. ExperaHub is amarketplace that connects Auto repair shops tomechanics and vehicle owners, allowing independentmechanicsworkspaceswithout intensive capital investment of opening a full shop. MAINTENANCE | SEED | FIRECHECK FireCheck offers a Remote Vehicle Diagnostics Solution, allowing car owners to have their car professionally diagnosed by their preferred repair shop, without the need to make a physical visit to the repair shop, thus offering a disruptive next- generation-remote-service- in the automotive aftermarket domain.


FLEETONOMY Fleetonomy’s next-generation fleetmanagement platformenablesmobility service providers to efficiently manage multiple mobility services such as ridesharing, dynamic shuttles, and car subscription services using the same fleet of vehicles. Fleetonomy’s technology is globally deployed with top tier automotive OEM’s. SHAREDMOBILITY | ROUND A |


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