ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


GOTO GLOBAL GoTo is amultimodal vehicle sharing service provider setting the new standard for urban lifestyle free of car ownership.We operatemultiple vehicle types (scooters, bikes, mopeds, and cars). Today, we are the largest MaaS provider in 3 countries and continue to expand globally. SHAREDMOBILITY | ROUND B | GOWITH GoWith helps airports, airlines, and railway companies enhance the passenger experience. ‘Flow by GoWith’ calculates the transit time from home all the way to the boarding gate (think of Waze for airport passengers). At the same time, it allows airlines and airports to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | SEED | GREENQ GreenQ provides visibility and monitoring to the waste pickup process. GreenQ offers a monitoring device that can be integrated easily into any existing waste pickup truck. Our platform collects real-time data on the waste pickup process without any need for manual activation. FLEET MANAGEMENT | SEED | GREENROAD TECHNOLOGIES GreenRoad a global leader of driver behavior and safetymanagement solutions used by hundreds of thousand fleet drivers throughout the world. GreenRoad’s SaaS solutions impact driver behavior through active coaching and proactive guidance which lead to risk reduction, lower accident rates, and reduced costs. FLEET MANAGEMENT | ESTABLISHED |


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