ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


JIFLEET JiFleet is an automatic telematics-based fuel payment andmanagement integrated with the fleets’ operation system to manage and prevent fuel fraud by drivers. PAYMENTS | SEED | JPU.IO Ltd. develops a secure, carrier grade/IT style Mobile Network Core and management platformfor Enterprise&Critical Infrastructure Private-LTE/5G&Private Virtual Networks. JpU’s complete EPC is designed for Enterprise IT/OT providing enterprise customers with full, autonomous network control. INFRASTRUCTURE | ROUND A | KAPLAN OPEN SOURCE KaplanOpen Source’s goal is to help city & transportation planners have superhero capabilities. We do this by providing tools that integrate the data from various sources and allowing them to run different scenarios highlighting problems and ensuring their plans are the best possible solutions. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | PRE-SEED | MAGNA BSP Founded in 2001 as an innovative startup in the 3D image processing based on A.I. andDeep Learning. Our other solutions are applicable to smart city: Drone detection, Traffic law enforcement, Road safety, Obstructing traffic, Parking Supervision, Parking illegally, Counting available parking and Traffic control. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | ESTABLISHED |


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