ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


MDGO MDGoprovides anAccident Detection&Response (ADR) solution that not only saves insurers money but can save passengers’ lives as well. The ADR tag automatically delivers a report of the car accident to first responders, enabling drivers to receive the best possible care and insurers to reduce their loss ratio. INSURTECH | ROUND A | MEEP (Spain) Meep creates mobile applications (iOS & Android) to encourage a modal shift towardsmore sustainable, connected, and inclusive cities. These solutions integrate all available modes of transport - public and private - into a single platform, so users can search for, reserve, and pay for trips in one transaction. GENERAL | ROUND A | MIADBA MIADBA is developing an innovative, patentedMicroMobility Information real-time platform that helps cities managing Maas to Success, data for better safety, traffic management, less accidents, and social benefits for the cities. MICROMOBILITY | SEED | MIMO Mimo’s autonomous robotic platform is the first ever parking and charging platform for micro mobility vehicles i.e. bicycles, e-bike & scooters. We aim to transform urbanmobility by deploying secure and innovative infrastructure formicro-mobility users. MICROMOBILITY | SEED |


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