ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


MOBI - MOBILITY INSIGHT Mobi is revolutionizing mobility for cities by equipping themwith an AI-powered platformtounderstandmobility patterns, optimize traffic flow, and reduce congestion

by >30% across any road network. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | ROUND A |

MOBICAR APP MOBICAR APP is Digitizing the roadside-services sector. Currently, there is a need to improve the user SLA and user overall experience in addition to ease all the business process. We are achieving this through two mobile apps and a CRMweb site. Added value: Earn call center resources, by enabling direct communication between two apps. INSURTECH | SEED | MOODIFY Moodify applies proprietary bleeding edge AI for the creation of software defined scents.We havemastered the engineering of chemo signals to generate psychological and physiological responses through scent, on demand. Through thismethodology, Moodify’s solution controls smell, relieves stress, and increases alertness. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND A | MOOVEX Moovex provides technological solutions tomaximize transportation assets andboost business efficiency. By Harnessing intelligent optimization algorithms, Moovex’s nucleus powers a comprehensive product suite, enabling newways tomanage and grow your business across the transportation spectrum. SHAREDMOBILITY | ROUND A |


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