ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


OPTIWAYS OptiWays has developedAI-powerednext generation supply chain routeoptimization solution with a flexible business rule engine and cost-driven algorithm that meet the needs of enterprises with complex distribution operations. FLEET MANAGEMENT | PRE-SEED | OTORIZE Otorize is the proven solution for detecting cognitive impairment. It is a simple yet breakthrough technology that can detect cognitive impairment in seconds. It is NOT intrusive, IT IS effective in detecting impairment caused by any substance: alcohol, cannabis, drugs, being a cognitive test and it is 100% digital. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | PANGO PAY & GO With 13 years of activity behind Pango and with over 2.2 million customers (and still growing...), the Pango App has become synonymous with parking, driver, and vehicle solutions in Israel. It is one of the most widespread applications in Israel in terms of the number of downloads and frequency of use. PARKING | ESTABLISHED | PARKAM ParKam has developed a unique vision-based software solution for the parking industry - supporting all types of pre-existing cameras and is applicableworldwide. ParKamprocesses live image streams fromon-street andoff-street cameras to collect parking and traffic flow insights, probabilities, and the real-time availability. PARKING | ROUND A |


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