ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


RYDE Ryde provides a SmartMobility platform to awide variety of organizations, offering end-to-end management of complex transportation needs. With more than 150 established clients and ten years of experience, you can rely on our know-howand capabilities to Outsmart all your Mobility requirements and complexities. SHAREDMOBILITY | ESTABLISHED | S.R.I THE SPIRAL RING INTERCHANGE SRI reshapes highway interchanges, public transport hubs, and Park & Ride lots by putting them all in one complex! The Spiral Ring Interchange and Complete Park & Ride System stops cars outside of the city and thenmoves people to city center by public transport. SRI can be built with real estate on top for reduced public costs. INFRASTRUCTURE | PRE-SEED | SAFE LANE Safe Lane is a non-profit aiming to significantly decrease the number of traffic- related casualties. We are the only organization in Israel (apparently in the world), harnessing mobile technology with crowd participation to combat road deaths. Our project Road Guardians runs in partnership with law enforcement bodies. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | SAFEMODE SafeMode offers behavior-based software to helpfleet operators become profitable and safer by engaging and rewarding their drivers. It revolutionizedfleets and drivers’ relationships by shifting the focus to the driver with incentives, compensations, and recognition for proper driving style. FLEET MANAGEMENT | SEED |


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