ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


TANKU TankU is digitizing the gas station industrywith vision and AI technology combined withMobile phones sensors. Automating processeswith smart analytics increasing revenue and reducing expenses in retail gas stations, C-Stores, and EV charging networks. We are the only One-Tap secure mobile fueling for privates and fleets. PAYMENTS | ROUND A | TEPORTO SMART SHUTTLES Teporto is a simple platform formanaging commute shuttle services that seamlessly adapts routes and schedules to commuters’ needs on a daily basis. We enable communities andmunicipalities to improvemobility and provide service in transit deserts. SHAREDMOBILITY | PRE-SEED | TIMING Timing is an AI-driven dynamic scheduling platform that automates the entire service process for field service organizations. Our automated and robust solution allows field service leaders to utilize the use of resources and achieve outstanding efficiency. LOGISTICS | ROUND A | TIRN TECHNOLOGY (Slovakia) We have developed Electroad - real-time, high-precise and easy to integrate software that helps fleet management companies whowant to efficientlymanage the operation of electric vehicles by reducing range uncertainty and increasing their utilization in order to capture the fast-emerging e-mobility market. FLEET MANAGEMENT | PRE-SEED |


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