ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


TRAILZE Trailze is the world’s first navigation solution designed from the ground up for micromobility. Trailze platform maximizes the use of dedicated lanes and quiet streets, encouraging people to leave their cars at home. The COVID crisis has shown a huge increase in new vehicle purchases, deliveries, rentals. MICROMOBILITY | SEED | TRIPO Tripo is a revolutionary system that shows travelers anything that interesting around himwithout the need for a search for the information using traveler location preferences and more. Tripo gives a new trip experience. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND A | TRUCKNET Trucknet was foundedwith the vision to be a leader in theworld of cross-company optimization for transport, freight, and logistics companies in order to reduce empty rides of heavy vehicle fleets (including last-mile deliveries) and to provide those fleets with an automatic online tool for calculation of GHG emissions. LOGISTICS | ROUND A | TUGGER Tugger is a B2B Travel Tech company based in Tel Aviv. Our white-labeled City Towing Protection (CTP) product helps car rental companies take better care of their customers. With CTP, your customers get help finding their cars, and reimbursed for towing fees. INSURTECH | PRE-SEED |


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