ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


WEBUS The best combination of speed and price, connecting passengers into shared taxis. We are thefirst in theworld that addresses passengerswhodonot usually take taxis, making this service accessible for their needs through flexible routes and flexible prices. We are on the app stores and operate in several areas in Israel. SHAREDMOBILITY | SEED | WEELERZ Weelerz helps people to shop for, compare, and book the RV that suits their vacation - With Ava our AI travel assistant we match travelers with RVs that best suit their individual needs. GENERAL | PRE-SEED | WISESIGHT Wisesight has developed a smart IOT technology based on cameras and in-house AI video analytics technology for efficient monitoring and management of the parking assets (indoor & outdoor). The system tracks cars by Vehicle license plate recognition while monitoring the payment status of each vehicle in real time. PARKING | ROUND A | ZENCITY Zencity uses AI to reinvent theway local governmentsmake decisions.Withminimal integration, we gather and analyze millions of data points from online resident interactions. These are transformed into actionable insights that help understand residents’ sentiment regarding public transportation, infrastructure and more. GENERAL | ROUND B |


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