ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


3DBATTERY 3DB is a startup company specializing in the design, development, andmanufacturing of innovative energy storage solutions suitable for the emerging needs especially for electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage for grids. BATTERIES & STORAGE | SEED | 8TEV 8Tev was founded by a collection of engineers, designers and retail experts driven to revolutionize the micro EV landscape. Our e-scooters provide an innovative approach tomodern transportation. Our passion is to design safe, reliable and cool products for the urban dweller. MICROMOBILITY EV | SEED | ADDIONICS Addionics is creating the next generation of energy storage by focusing on battery physics and enabling higher energy density, lower charging time, and improved heat safety, targeting the largest energy markets. BATTERIES & STORAGE | SEED | AEROSHELA K.D. Unlike current EV battery recycling systems, Aeroshela K.D. develops a recycling process for Lithium-ion batteries by exploiting the low energy plasma-chemical reactions to treat hazardous streams, consisting both of inorganic and organic products, into harmless gases and high-quality materials. BATTERIES & STORAGE | PRE-SEED


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