ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


ALGOLION ALGOLiONhas developed an algorithmsoftware for lithiumbatteries that transforms how their safety and reliability is managed. Our solution saves money, protects products and users.We are the only solution that gives a full weekwarning toprevent fires. The hardware-based solution provides an alert seconds before the hazard. BATTERIES & STORAGE | ROUND A | APOLLO POWER Apollo Power’s innovative technology of flexible solar films opens newopportunities to produce electricity almost everywhere. Our team has developed a unique, patented technology to produce flexible, efficient, lightweight, and low-cost solar film. The vision of vehicles utilizing solar energy is becoming a reality! ALTERNATIVE ENERGY | ROUND C | AQUARIUS ENGINES Aquarius has developed a disruptive technology for electricity generation - a breakthrough free-piston linear combustion engine with one moving part. The engine is oil-free, very small, highly efficient, and requiresminimal overall support. ENGINES | ROUND D | AUTO ELECTRIC Auto Electric is Israel’s Electric Vehicle Superstore with service and sales locations throughout Israel. Since 2013, Auto Electric has been the #1 distributor of electric motorcycles, scooters, quadricycles, and light utility vehicles in Israel, offering an unparalleled selection of EVs from leading manufacturers. EV | ROUND A |


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