ECOMOTION BOOKLET 2020 - Breaking Through Mobility Innovation


B.C.BIKE B.C. Bike isdeveloping thebicycleof tomorrow: a smart, urban, personal transportation tool that will make the bike accessible to thousands of city and suburb dwellers. Our invention makes the experience of riding a bike new, simple, easy, and safe- automatically shifting gears, and with zero maintenance. ride on. MICROMOBILITY EV | ROUND A BAMBOOBIKE TECHNOLOGIES The bicycle’s bamboo frame makes it half the weight, half the price and double the range of other e-bicycles currently on themarket. Unique EBS Israeli patented technology combined with state-of-the-art electric parts. 14 years in mobility projects, 10 years in emobility, 5 years in compositematerials, 6 years e2wand e3w. MICROMOBILITY EV | SEED | BRIGHTMERGE Brightmerge develops an AI driven performance prediction software, providing fast, accurate and cost-effective optimization for the future of energy networks - microgrids. Introducing a SaaS, self-learning platform to support the inevitable transition into these complex networks to create the essential ROI simulation. ENERGY MANAGEMENT | SEED | CHAKRATEC Chakratec has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technologywhich enables unlimited high-power charge and discharge cycles. Utilizing our proprietary Kinetic Power Booster technology, Chakratec facilitates the deployment of fast and ultra- fast EV charging stations anywhere, including locations with a weak grid. BATTERIES & STORAGE | ROUND B |


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