Boaz Mamo EcoMotion Founder Israel Innovation Institute Board Member

“Here’s to the crazy ones…because theoneswho are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do”. — Steve Jobs, 1997 What a year we just had (and I don’t blame you if you already erased it from your memory!). In what felt like an instant, we went from living our normal life to a new pandemic life of seclusion, anxiety, remote work, and an unbelievable amount of food deliveries. As a community, we feared the impact the pandemic would have on the mobility tech industry and to our surprise saw one of the most impressive years this industry has ever had. During the last year we had more new unicorns, IPO’s, and collaborations than any year before. This past year just proved the strength of our industry and the vigor of this community. What I have learned from this is that changes are good and force us to grow. At EcoMotion we also experienced some changes this year. After four years with Orlie as the Executive Director of EcoMotion (a very impressive four years I might add) she has decided to take on new challenges. Although shewill bemisseddearly, we are lucky tohave Eviatar Tron to takeOrlies place and continue the hardwork that she andmany others have started. Eviatar is no stranger to EcoMotion, havingbeen involved fromdayoneas amember of our advisoryboard (he evenwas a speaker at thefirst EcoMotionmeetupback in 2012). I want to take this opportunity to thank Orlie for the amazing work that she has done during the last several years and to wish Eviatar good luck. I amlooking forward toexperience EcoMotionphysically and to see you all next year in Tel Aviv.

11 Opening Notes EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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