RIVE hosts, grows and fosters top Israeli early-stage startups and entrepreneurs while providing sponsoring organizations with the opportunity toobtain insights to and participate in Israel’s cutting-edge Smart Mobility technology revolution. DRIVE’s structured framework provides a great opportunity for global organizations to absorb, learn and selectively adopt disruptive innovation fromunexpected directions and at an unparalleled pace. By engagingwith high potential, early-stage technology startups, DRIVE’s sponsoring partners are able to influence development and co create the next generation of innovative ideas.

Silver Partners EcoMotion Booklet 2021


Superior connectivity platform for autonomous vehicle teleoperation Autonomous Vehicles will always require some level of “human in the loop” to assist inmission completion in edge cases or as safety drivers. Teleoperation requires transmission of reliable, high quality and low latency video as well as additional data such as audio, telemetry, and other sensors and control messages from the AV to the remote control station. Such high-performance connectivity is simply not possible over a single cellular network, not even over the 5Gnetworks.’s AV teleoperations’s connectivity platform addresses rapidly varying and challenging cellular network conditions Using cellular bonding and dynamic video encoding technologies provides high speed, low latency, and ultra-reliable transmission of 4k video, audio streams, high-speed data, and control channels. The platform’s SDK and APIs enable quick and straightforward integration. Autonomous Vehicle Connectivity Platform is availablewith hardware, or software-only, to reduce the vehicles space and power.

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