Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center is the company of Intesa Sanpaolo Groupdedicated to innovation: it explores and learns newbusiness and researchmodels andacts as a stimulus andengine for theneweconomy in Italy. The company invests inapplied researchprojects andhighpotential start-ups, to foster the competitiveness of theGroup and its customers and accelerate the development of the circular economy in Italy. Based in the Turin skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano, with its national and international network of hubs and laboratories, the Innovation Center is anenabler of relationswithother stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem - such as tech companies, start-ups, incubators, research centresanduniversities -andapromoter of newformsof entrepreneurship in accessing venture capital. Intesa Sanpaolo InnovationCenter focusesmainly on circular economy, development of themost promising start-ups, venturecapital investments of the management company Neva SGR and applied research.

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Konnect is the open Innovation hub of the VolkswagenGroup , founded in 2018 and based in Tel Aviv. Our team is scouting for deep tech Israeli Startups, based on the technological needs and use cases of the VolkswagenGroup 12 brands. Using an open innovationmethodology and local tech expertise we execute projects and PoC’s with Israeli startups and scale them to long-termcollaborations. Our focus topics areAutonomous Driving, industry 4.0, Connectivity &AI, Electrification & Cyber Security.

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