ADASKY ADASKYmakes intelligent, high-res LWIR thermal cameras for ADAS/ AV. These sensors see in the dark the same as in daylight, not limited by blinding lights or harsh weather, making automated driving more efficient and roads safer for all road users. ADAS | ROUND B | AMSTAF-UGV We developed AMSTAF Autonomous and collaborative UGV for HLS/ Defense Missions at secure sites as part of a holistic team to replace & save the lives of officers & for civilian tasks like Autonomous Palm works & Solar Panels Cleaning. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | PRE-SEED | Anachoic Founded in 2018, Anachoic specializes in the development of Advanced Rider Assistance Systems for the Powered Two-Wheeler market. The company’s micro-radar platform provides riders with real-time 360 0 protection via its patented spatial audio HMI. ADAS | SEED | Arbe Arbe introduced theworld’s 1st ultra-high resolution 4D Imaging Radar Platformwith 100 timesmore detailed than other radars on themarket. Empowering automakers, tier-1s, commercial and industrial vehicles, with next-gen sensing, advanced safety, and paradigm-changing perception. ADAS | ROUND C |

24 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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