CorrActions CorrActions is a non-invasive software platform that detects human brain signals using sensors already embedded in the car, improving driving safety and functionality, offering a unique solution to monitor accident avoidance and driver’s cognitive stat. PASSENGER SAFETY | SEED | Crispify Crispify is amobility-focused air qualitymonitoring andmanagement system designed to offer car owners and MaaS users the healthiest ride possible and an exceptional user experience. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | SEED | CU-BX CU-BX is transforming the automotive experience for driver &passenger safety and comfort through contact-free physiological detection of fatigue, stress, comfort and health. The systemworks as a standalone or can easily integrate with existing DMS. PASSENGER EXPERIENCE | ROUND B | Cybellum The Cybellum Cyber Digital Twins™ platform empowers OEMs and suppliers to develop and maintain secure products at scale. Minimize your product cyber risk through smart vulnerability management, compliance validation and continuous monitoring. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A |

Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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