INNOSPOT INNOSPOT is a tech-Startup from Munich, Germany. The INNOSPOT Startup Scouting software helps companies around theworld to identify important Startups in their specific search fields. We use ML and NLP to deeply understand what a Startup is doing. CYBER SECURITY | ACQUIRED | Innoviz Technologies Innoviz is a leading provider of LiDAR technology. Our offerings include InnovizOne and InnovizTwo, automotive-grade sensors, and perception software. Additional applications are drones, robotics etc. InApril 2021 Innoviz started trading on Nasdaq. ADAS | ESTABLISHED | IPgallery High performance, Cloud Edge over 5G, AI & RT, CAV Data Platform. Efficiently handles the large amount of vehicles’ generateddata. Saves on communications andCloudCompute costs. ImprovesDriver, Passengers and Pedestrians Safety. Improves Driving and Travel Experience. AV SYSTEMS & PLATFORMS | ESTABLISHED | Joinme We are a joinme And our vision is to transport you through an array of shuttlesmanagedwith smart and revolutionary technology -we offer you a new way to get to your destination. So will you joinme? ADAS | PRE - SEED

34 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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