Lidwave Lidwave is changing the paradigm in the LiDAR industry by developing a new sensor that constructs a 3Dmap of the surrounding in a unique ‘time agnostic’ way. Our IP technology is inherently different from ToF or FMCW methods, requiring a simple hardware framework and enabling true mass production. ADAS | SEED | M-ADAS M-ADAS is a unique DANGER PREDICTION SYSTEM. 25% of all motor vehicle fatalities happen in curves. M-ADAS provides the drivers with an early warning, to indicate that the current speed is dangerous for the curve the driver is approaching. ADAS | PRE - SEED | Magility Magility is a technology-oriented consultancy.With extensivemarket knowledge, as well as an international and proven network in the key industries automotive,mechanical engineering, andmobilitywe support start-ups in entering the EMEA market. CYBER SECURITY | ESTABLISHED | Masterkey Digital Masterkey’s ACDC_net is a software solution aimed at giving automotive OEMs andfleets extensivedata analysis, optimizedpassenger experience, and last-line cybersecurity solutions for in-vehicle dashboards and

36 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

infotainment systems. CYBER SECURITY | SEED |

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