NOVAlert IVS Innovative smart-seatmonitor of driver’s fit-to-drive status. Pioneering, comprehensive ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). ADASV | PRE – SEED | Opsys Tech Opsys Pure Solid State ScanningMicro-Flash LiDAR basedon addressable VCSEL array and SPAD receiver. Our NOmoving parts solution enables true, 4D Scanning Solution. It’s operate in automotive environment, and automotive reliability requirements. ADAS | PRE - SEED | Optima Design Automation For semiconductor vendors developing chips for Automotive, meeting Functional Safety & Security standards like ISO26262 is a key challenge that Optima solves with our 1000X faster, patented technology. We have multiple active POCs with key players. CYBER SECURITY | SEED | Ottopia Technologies Ottopia provides all key technologies to control vehicles remotely and safely. Our customers save lives and money with our teleoperation platformin their autonomousfleets andacceleratedeployment.We serve every vehicle sectorwith a reliable and scalable teleoperationplatform. CONNECTIVITY | SEED |

38 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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