Radiomize Robotic coaching HMI kit, sensing driver performance through unique OS, Protecting fromupcoming impaired driving threats &human-error, decoding behavioral anomalies through the body language of touch augmented by AI and behavioral economics. CONNECTIVITY | SEED | RadSee RadSee has developed the first 4D imaging radar to deliver outstanding performance at a game-changing cost structure. The combination of off-the-shelf components, patented technology, and unique system architecture also delivers flexibility and scalability. ADAS | SEED | Regulus Cyber Regulus Cyber is offering technology to protect GPS - timing and navigation systems on multiple mobility services including ADAS, automated vehicles, maritime, aviation, and ridesharing applications. CYBER SECURITY | ROUND A | Ride Vision Ride Vision is revolutionizing the motorcycle industry by harnessing the strength of AI and image-recognition, providing riders with amuch broader awareness of their surroundings, preventing collisions, keeping them safer on the road. PASSENGER SAFETY | ROUND A |

40 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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