RFISEE RFISeemakes affordable Phased-Array Imaging Radar for theAutomotive market with 3-6X better detection capabilities at all weather conditions, hence dramatically increasing safety for both ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles. ADAS | ROUND A | Sheeva.AI Sheeva.AI is the first cross-platform vehicle location-based services (VLBS) solution.We connect drivers and service providers by enabling automatic, contactless payments, last-mile navigation, and stellar Sixdof Space Sixdof’soptical solutionoffersabreakthrough in latency, accuracy&power. Our patented technology leverages light to serve as location beacons, reporting accurate position at a high speed. Applications: aerospace, defense, AR/VR, entertainment, logistics, construction, robotics. LOCALIZATION | SEED | Spectralics Spectralics creates a new breed of smart optics for imaging systems, using switchable elements controlled in real-time. the solid-state optical materials we develop allow systems to process light, waves and visual data in a way not possible before. ADAS | SEED | customer engagement. LOCALIZATION | SEED |

41 Autonomous & Connected EcoMotion Booklet 2021

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