0.10 of a Second 0.10 of a Second has developed a system designed to alert other road users to a variety of potential road hazards by illuminating blind areas and by better communicating the intentions of both human drivers and autonomous driving systems. ROAD SAFETY | PRE - SEED | A.D Knight A.D Knight is solving the problem of understanding and predicting where people are for pedestrians’ safety and traffic control. Its solution can generate real-time alerts to all road users including pedestrians and vulnerable road users. ROAD SAFETY | SEED | Aira Aira created FreePower, advanced wireless charging based on the Qi standard that intelligently delivers power to multiple devices placed across its surface. FreePower resolves the limitations of current Qi chargers and improves the driver experience. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND A | Anagog Anagog offers the first, On-Phone Engagement and Real-World Personalization Platform. Helping companies deliver hyper-personalized engagement in theirmobile campaigns, using awide range of first party data with complete privacy by using Edge AI. JOURNEY EXPERIENCE | ROUND C |

Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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