BlueWhite Robotics Blue White Robotics provides an operation platform for autonomous systems, to efficiently plan and operate multiple tasks in the same location on a big scale using autonomous ground & air fleets - UAV, drones and robotics. We believe in Autonomy Now! FLEET MANAGEMENT | ROUND A | BUSSI MOBILITY Bussi transforms public transit in cities by offering on demand public mobility solutions to transit companies, Mobility as a service apps to passengers and a digital public transit wallet to both Cities and Transit Companies. SHAREDMOBILITY | SEED | Cipia Cipia is a leading provider of intelligent sensing solutions using edge- based computer vision andAI for safer and smartermobility experiences. Offering Driver Sense - driver monitoring system, Cipia-FS10 driver monitoring device for fleets, and Cabin Sense - occupancymonitoring systems. ROAD SAFETY | ROUND E | Citycar Citycar is a hybrid four-wheeledmotorcyclewith a cabin, which is tilted when cornering. SHAREDMOBILITY | PRE-SEED |

Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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