IDvision IDVision specializes in road safety solutions, develops and provides a unique platform for smart cities to enforce traffic and video-based parking with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The platform operat. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | ROUND A | Intellicon Intellicon develops a smart traffic signal & intelligence system based on sensing BT signals emitted from vehicles. This unique technology analyzesmass data fromall vehicles tooptimize traffic signals operation and generate traffic intelligence. ESTABLISHED | TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | inTrunk InTrunk’s SaaS platformrevolutionizes LastMileDelivery (LMD) by using Connected Cars to dramatically reduce the cost of Delivery & Return. By delivering to Connected Cars at preferred locations, we perform 7.6x better (faster) than the average. PARKING | SEED | ITC ITC is building software that predicts traffic jam accumulation and adjusts traffic signals to prevent congestion.We’re already operational in intersections around theworld, helping thousands of people spend less time on the road every day.

52 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021


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