KRADAC - Clipp We provide different services through our super app fromsmart delivery tomobility as a service (MaaS) with the full integration of the different modes of transportation in the cities and use of electronic payments

eliminating the physical money. MICROMOBILITY | ESTABLISHED |

Lekeamp Mobility LekeampMobility is electric vehicle start up from India.We aremaking electric vehicles and related sustainable services.We havemade electric bikes, parcel delivery electric bikes, multipurpose parking station,

battery swapping system etc. MICROMOBILITY | PRE - SEED |

54 Mobility Services EcoMotion Booklet 2021

Lyko Tech Lyko facilitates the development of an intermodal MaaS platform. Through its APIs, the corporates and cities can easily connect to the ticket distribution systemofmore than 1500mobility services providers across Europe.


Magna BSP Observation systems based on AI and Deep Learning with subsidiary in the ADAS & Autonomous car. Solution for Border & HLS and Smart Transportation: Railroad crossing, traffic law enforcement, traffic monitoring and counting cars, with human behaviour. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT | ESTABLISHED |

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